Welcome to Mobile Bidding

Mobile bidding is part of Greater Giving and will allow bidders to view silent auction items, bid, and track your bidding status all from your cell phone.

  Check out this brief 1 minute video for a quick overview 

How It Works:

  1. Receive a Welcome Text to your smart phone. Click on the link in the message.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your name. Click yes if correct.
  3. Begin viewing and searching all items.
  4. Have fun bidding!

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If your cellular device is incompatible with mobile bidding, you will have access to our Mobile Bidding Assistants to help you through the bidding process. Please look for any volunteer wearing a black top hat, he or she will help you place your bid or check on your bidding status.

Cellular Juice Bar

If you need a little extra juice for your phone, please look for the sign “Cellular Juice Bar.” We will have charging stations for both Android and iphone devices.

Still want more information? Look below for our FAQs


Q: How can I participate in Mobile Bidding?

A: Please provide your mobile phone number during registration. Once you have registered, you will be sent a link to start bidding.

Q:  What are the benefits of Mobile Bidding?


  • Once bidding starts, you will be alerted on your mobile device when you have been outbid, so you can instantly respond with another bid.
  • Bidding can occur at any location within the auction itself, whether you are in line for the bar or mingling with friends. You do not have to be at the display tables to make a bid.
  • All auction bidding will be tracked, displayed and announced in real time throughout the evening.
  • At the end of the evening, the checkout process will run efficiently because your credit card information will have been entered into our system prior to or at the beginning of the event.
  • Online Bidding allows for a completely paperless bidding system.
  • You are able to use technology you already know: your own smartphone or tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc).
  • You are notified via text when you are outbid and can rebid immediately from your phone.
  • Online bidding eliminates overcrowding and hovering around auction packages and bid sheets.


Q: I have a friend who wants to come to the event, but is not very good with computers. Is there a way they can get some help?

A: Of course! We will have special volunteers serving as ‘Bid Assistants’ at the event. They will help anyone who needs assistance with bidding.


Q: Do I have to register separately for the Mobile Bidding function and for the event?

A: Nope! Registering for the event will also enable you to bid in the silent auction.


Q: I have a limited text plan, how can I participate?

A: If you do not want to get text messages related to the auction, simply do not give us your mobile phone number. The Online Bidding platform will only send messages to bidders who have a cell phone number listed. You will not receive text outbid notifications, but you can still go to the site with the url given or use one of the bid assistants.


Q: What if I am not able to bring a smartphone or tablet to the event? How can I still bid on packages?

A: It depends. If you have an older cell phone you can still register it at check-in so that you receive outbid notifications via text message, but you will still need to find a volunteer or ‘bid assistant’ with a tablet or smart phone to place your bid for you.


Q:  Will this work for all mobile devices?

A: You can bid with any mobile device that supports an internet connection. With smartphones and tablets, you can browse, search and bid via a web browser. When registering your mobile device, you will be provided a custom URL for bidding purposes. With standard mobile phones, you can bid and receive alerts via text messaging. Please note: if your device is not a phone that receives text messages, you will not receive outbid text notifications.


Q:  What about attendees not using mobile devices?

A: Volunteers with iPads will be available on-site for those that don’t own or don’t wish to use a mobile device. Volunteers will be available to assist with questions and bidding


Q: Do I need to download an app to my phone?

A: No. The Mobile Bidding platform is a mobile-ready website, so it will use your phone’s internet browser. You will receive a text with a link to the site and your bidder number.


Q: How do I start bidding?

A: It usually takes about 60 seconds after leaving the registration table for a text message to hit you phone. This text message will contain a link that will take you directly to your personal bidder application!


Q: I didn’t receive my text message now what?

A: Check in with registration and ensure that they have your phone number entered correctly.

Check the status of your bids on the “My List” screen. If you are outbid, you will also see an outbid notice on the home screen of the site. Upon check-in, let the staff know that you want to bid but do not want to receive text messages. They will help you get logged in to your site from there.


Q: How can I find the package I want?

A: From the home screen, click on the magnifying glass icon and enter the package name or number or a keyword, and jump right to that package. Or, you can scroll through a list of packages by category under the menu button. When you see the package you want, click on the package to get more info about the package and to place a bid.


Q: How do I enter a bid?

A: Entering a bid is easy. Just go to a package and click the Quick Bid button or select a higher bid from the Bid drop down menu.


Q: What is a “Max bid”?

A: You can bid in two different ways. You can bid the traditional way by bidding the minimum raise, or you can enter the maximum you’re willing to pay for that package. When you place a maximum bid, the system enters the current minimum increase and then bids for you against other bidders until your maximum bid is reached.


Q: Why would I enter a Max bid?

A: Maximum bids are ideal if you want to place a bid on a package and not worry about checking back to see if you are still the top bidder. The system will bid for you until your maximum bid is reached. If someone exceeds your max bid, you will receive an outbid notification and are given the option to place another bid.


Q: Why does it keep saying that I’m being outbid as soon as I try to put in a new bid for this package?

A: Most likely, someone else has set a max bid on this package. If you bid anything below their maximum bid, the system will automatically out bid you in favor of the max bidder.


Q: What are the rules for “Buy Now” packages?

A: If a package has a “Buy it Now” option, you can click on the “Buy Now” button to purchase the package outright for the Buy Now price. This will end the bidding immediately.


Q: I accidentally bid $10,000 on this package when I meant to only bid $1,000, can you help?

A: Yes! Find a “Bid Assistant,” who will direct you to someone who can retract your bid. Once that bid is retracted, you will need to submit the correct bid.


Q: How do I know if I have been outbid?

A: If you are bidding with a smartphone, you will receive a text message when you have been outbid. If you are using a tablet or computer, you will see an onscreen outbid alert in the upper right-hand corner of your home page. You can also watch the status of your bids on the “My List” screen.


Q: I accidentally clicked “Logout”, now what?

A: Log back in by entering your bidder number. If you don’t remember your bidder number you can look at the back of your bid card or track down a a staff member from the registration table to get that information to you. Also note that your bidder number is in the left hand corner of your screen once logged in. Alternatively, you can enter your phone number with no parenthesis or dashes or click the link from your welcome text.


Q: If I purchase packages in Mobile Bidding, when will my credit card get charged?

A: If you put your credit card on file, that card will be charged for your entire outstanding balance once the organization closes out the auction post-event. This includes packages purchased in the silent auction and the live auction (even packages purchased via the “Buy it Now” option will not be charged until after the event). This way, you have the flexibility to decide if you wish to pay for some or all of your purchases with check or cash on the night of the event, or split the charges between different cards.


Q: Where can I see my winning packages?

A: Under the menu button, click on “My List”