Congratulations to David Gantt, 2017 Honorary Chair


This year’s Honorary Chair, David Gantt


Whether he’s advocating in court or supporting one of myriad human rights issues behind the scenes on nonprofit and governmental Boards across the region, David Gantt is a passionate supporter of equal rights for all. We are thrilled to announce David Gannt as the 2017 Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala Honorary Chair. Take a few minutes to review his illustrious career advancing rights for all, and you’ll see why, too.

A Word from WNCAP’s Board President:
WNCAP may be a little late in the game in honoring our long time friend and supporter, David Gantt. We have hoped to recognize him for many years, but, seriously, this is a man, much honored in the community he serves and we just had to bide our time. From family man to PTA President to County Commissioner and just about everything in between, you’ll find David’s leadership setting a shining example of what it means to build community. Health, human services and well-being, the environment – if the mission is to make Western North Carolina a safer, more just, healthier place to live, his name will be part of it. David is the champion for the underdog, the voice of reason, the giver of hope. He fights the good fight and the results benefit those most in need. His intelligence and his energy are only out-shined by his selfless, servant-leadership. He inspires by doing. He is a man of action. He is a true gentleman in every way. His kind demeanor does not stand in the way of getting the job done, whether in court, in the board room, or any of the many non-profits he supports. He is a reflection and a reminder that good guys really do finish first. He has an uncanny memory, and it is part of the charm and magnetism that draws people to him. And his path is not narrow, no, indeed not. From environmental issues – that will benefit WNC for generations to come, steep slope ordinances, and urban parks, to health and education – David is at the forefront, always offering solutions that make a difference and are sustainable. Yes, he is a much recognized man and we here at WNCAP honor and respect all he brings to the table. Thank you, David Gantt, for paving the way, smoothing out the bumps and holding on to the truth that each of us, with determination and a plan, can move forward in the most profound way.
Mark Collins
President, WNCAP Board of Directors

Check out this article on WNCAP’s 2010 AIDS Walk, where David Gantt was a featured speaker: Asheville Rallies for AIDS Awareness