Signature Piece Competition Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can submit art for the competition?

A: Any artist in any format is welcome to submit an entry for the competition.


Q: What happens to the entries that are not chosen as the Signature Piece winner?

A: We are grateful to all who enter the Signature Piece competition.  All entries become property of WNCAP to be used for fundraising purposes.  Your entry is an in-kind donation and will be an auction item in the Raise Your Hand event.


Q: May I request a reserve to be placed on my donation of art?

A: Yes, we are happy to honor all reserve requests.


Q: How will my donation be priced at the auction?

A:The opening bid for items in the silent auction is 40% of the retail value.  We also offer our guests a feature called “buy it now” and that is for a price of 40% above retail.


Q: If I  make a donation, may I attend the auction & gala for free?

A: The Raise Your Hand Auction & Gala is one of WNCAP’s largest fundraisers.  WNCAP is a small agency, and we depend on our fundraisers to help supplement our operational expenses.  Unfortunately we are not in a position to give free tickets to people who donate.  We do give two free tickets to the Signature Piece winner.

Q: I was the Signature Piece winner a few years ago, can I compete again?

A:  Yes, we welcome repeat contestants, and there are no rules regarding how many times a person may enter or win the competition.


Q: How are the jurors selected?

A: A lot of thought goes into the juror selection.  One of the jurors will always be the previous year’s Signature Piece winner, then we seek two other well respected individuals from our region.



(Signature Piece Winners: 2014, Daniel McClendon; 2015, Cindy Walton; 2016, Constance Williams)